Rogue Element

Since January 2020, I have been working on a Sci-Fi puppetry TV pilot called Rogue Element, initially scheduled to be released mid 2020, however the pandemic delayed out initial shoot. We were finally able to wrap in June 2021 and the project is currently being edited, due for release in 2022.

The pilot has heavy emphasis on using puppetry and practical effects. I have written, produced, and fabricated everything for the pilot myself, with a fantastic crew coming and joining me during the shoots. I also directed the show, puppeteered the lead Alien Jaggofass, and I am in the process of editing the finished episode.

The story centres around the Alien Jaggofass, on the run from his corrupt society. In a desperate attempt at escape, he crash lands on earth. Will he be destroyed by the forces that pursue him? And why is he known only, as the Rogue Element? 

Jaggofass and Dan by the ship_edited.jpg
Cast and Crew 2.png
Cast and Crew 1.jpg