The ASMR Project

In August 2021, I joined Concrete Youth Theatre for the R&D of their new ASMR Show.

During the process we experimented with ASMR techniques and puppetry, to see how that could impact an audience with profound and multiple learning disabilities. The aim was to create a relaxing, jungle themed experience with ASMR at the centre of the work. At the end of the process we presented our findings via an online sharing to our intended audience, and specialists in ASMR and multi-sensory theatre.


I loved working on this project. It was fantastic to experiment with the medium of ASMR  and discover how that can compliment puppetry. I was also given the opportunity to lead the development on a shadow puppetry sequence, introducing the world of the Jungle, and helping to immerse the audience into the jungle.

Our work appeared to have a strong positive impact on the audience that came to the sharing. I look forward to seeing how our research will help Concrete Youth create a full length ASMR Jungle show in the future.