Cat Town.

During October 2019, I worked with Puppet Soup to devise a new show for Hate Crime Awareness Week, commissioned by Gwent Police and Monmouthshire County Council. 

We devised the show, built and designed puppets, set, the soundscape, and the lighting. From there we toured it to schools and venues across Wales, alongside a tie-in puppet making workshop. 

Cat Town aims to get children aged 7-11 to think about prejudice, and how society should combat these issues through the metaphor of Cats and Dogs.

In November 2021 we revamped the show, creating an improved set, and rebuilding the puppets, ready for additional tours in 2022 and beyond! 


I also created a series of videos called "Cat Town News". These videos feature a puppet I built for a blue screen shoot, who narratives serval news stories which appear during the show.