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Work In Progress Set

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Work In Progress Puppet
Finished Puppets

Cat Town.

During October 2019, I worked with Puppet Soup to devise a new show for Hate Crime Awareness Week for Gwent Police and Monmouthshire County Council.

In three weeks we devised the show, built and designed puppets, set, the soundscape, lighting, and created video media for the show. From there we toured it to schools and venues across Wales, alongside a tie-in puppet making workshop.


The show is about difference and revolves around Benji, a Dog who visits a cat-centric town. He makes a new friend but the rest of the town cast him out because they don't like Dogs. Benji's new friend has to teach the town to accept Dogs as they are just like everyone else. 

In the show I puppeteered many of the townsfolk in Cat Town, and played a masked cat character. This project was a huge undertaking for a three week R&D, but I throughly enjoyed the process and I feel we create a truly impactful show.