Beasts Of Bethlehem

During December 2019 I toured with Lamps Collective. The main show was Beasts of Bethlehem, which toured across the UK. I was the puppeteer, puppet builder and technician/ tech operator. I worked with the company to devise a way to operate puppets and the lighting and sound at the same time. I additionally was technician for their other show, Bread and Star Light. 

Lamps are a wonderful company to work with and I would be happy to work with them again if they ever need a puppeteer.

Photo 22-12-2019, 10 25 31.jpg
Technical Set up
Photo 19-11-2019, 20 26 16.jpg
Work in Progress Owl Puppet
Photo 22-12-2019, 20 53 03.jpg

Beasts of Bethlehem Cast